In this assignment you'll be looking for opportunities to illustrate the number three. This assignment is designed to enhance your powers of observation. With a little awareness and a little close cropping you should be able to find numerous -- a triptych perhaps -- suitable subjects within your immediate neighbourhood.

 lesson15 1

Three cans a-spraying, two turtle doves, and a partridge in a pear tree.

 lesson15 2

Three kakashi or scarecrows presiding over a field in Nara Prefecture, Japan.

 lesson15 3

Three temporary totems. Kent Avery's granite installations rise and fall with the tides in Vancouver's Stanley Park through much of the summer.

 lesson15 4

I call this one "Everyman Has His Price". Taken in the shop window of a sad little haberdasher's many years ago on Vancouver's East Hastings Street with an inferior quality slide film, this shot could clearly use a rescan.

All photographs were taken by Brian Grover.

The End