In this assignment you'll take a bird's eye view of your everyday landscape. Look for bridges, overpasses, balconies and other perches from which to shoot the world. Shooting from above can add a new and refreshing dimension to scenes that might seem dull and every day from the vantage of street level. Notice how the shape of everything changes when seen from above.

 lesson8 1

Black and white and wet over, taken from my apartment window, this top-down shot of a pedestrian with umbrella demonstrates one way to shoot in the rain and stay dry too.

 lesson8 2

Peering down on a parking area in Kyoto cramped with scooters adds a fresh angle to an otherwise trite subject.

 lesson8 3

An extreme angle adds drama to an already tense situation as Vancouver police shakedown a young man in the West End. Eventually the men, three altogether, were released and drove off.

 lesson8 4

Pedestrian activities as seen from an overpass in the Osaka. Distortions from the use of an ultra wide angle also lend interest to the scene.

All photographs were taken by Brian Grover.

The End