BC Car-Free provides enough information to keep you tramping, splashing, clomping and whizzing about the province for several years at least. Public transportation however is still in its infancy in BC and many more outdoor delights cannot be readily reached without a car. In Vancouver there exists a middle ground between outright car ownership and high-priced car rentals. The Co-operative Auto Network was formed to empower members to make a positive environmental choice without sacrificing mobility. Based on a European model, CAN is a car sharing co-op. Much like in a credit union, members purchase shares in the co-op and have access to dozens of cars strategically placed around the lower mainland.

Just like a rental car company, but cheaper, members can call, book a car, truck or minivan then go pick it up. Depending on where you reside, the nearest car may be just a block or two away. Vancouver’s West End and Kitsilano areas in particular are well-covered. CAN also has vehicles in Nanaimo and Tofino on Vancouver Island and members can access vehicles belonging to a similar co-op in Victoria.

The Co-operative Auto Network, now called MODO, is located at #209-470 Granville Street in Vancouver. Call for details at (604) 685-1393. Find them online https://www.modo.coop/ here.

There are a few other options in the car sharing marketplace: Check out these viable alternatives to car rentals: 

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