It works! I tried the transit approach and it was fun!

5 stars by Paul Kurucz

This book is a great addition to my collection of outdoor books on BC. The reason is that I can now slow down my life a bit when I want to get outdoors and not be so stressed about getting to the trailhead or kayaking point or...public transit is cheap, easy to use and allows you to get in a more relaxed frame of mind before you start your next adventure. You even get to meet some interesting folks enroute. Try it!

The pictures and bits of useful and interesting information peppered througout make it very browsable. The maps for each activity are really clear and easy to use. A great outdoor guide even if you take a car.

Now if the author would do a "BC Car Free: How to get to urban adventures in BC" book, I could get to urban activities in the same mode of transport and frame of mind...

Car Free and Care Free

5 stars by Susan Dawkins

It's about time someone made it easy for all us carless (and proud of it ) people to enjoy the great outdoors. Mr. Grover's book leaves no stone unturned when it comes to useful information. He's put in maps for every area described, transportation schedules, detailed descriptions of trails, prices, historical information, drawings and a sense of humor rarely found in travel/guide books. Obviously a lot of research went in to make this book so complete and so far the trips I've taken using this guide have been spot on! Buying this book was the best $20 I've spent in a long time. I hope Mr. Grover decides to write similar guides for the rest of the province and country. With environmental problems being a concern for a large number of people in this country it is refreshing to see a real simple solution for a change. Good on you Mr. Grover.

It's a book

5 stars by Mark Eric

Great book, fun read. My only complaint would have to be that the characters were rather shallow and there were not enough car chases.

BC Car-Free

5 stars by Clive Wilson

Great information source. Most guide books seem to leave out odd little bits of information that you have to scurry around and find at the last minute. This book is great on the details; it has all the contact numbers you need at your fingertips. Even if you cheat like I do and use a car, it is still a fabulous guide. Plus the writing stlye is great, easy to read and funny!

The trips described have just the right amount of detail. The author gets you interested, tells you how to get there but doesn't get too carried away with his own impressions. I have made good use of this book since I picked it up and I heartily recommend it.

Great Book!

5 stars by Tod Wong

I used the book last weekend to check out the caves on Vancouver Island. I had never even heard of them before. Too Qool! BC Car-Free was right on in its description and details. Next week I'm going to do my first kayaking trip using the book.

Outdoor Recreation

4 stars by Doug Hillhouse

Grover does a great job of detailing the ins and outs of outdoor adventure in B.C., for those who don`t have vehicles or choose not to. Very timely.