This is an interview with Mark Forsythe on the CBC Radio program BC Almanac.This was the first interview I did with Mark [May 18, 2001] shortly after BC Car-Free was launched. The second one seems to be lost but the promo blurb is included below.

Mark Forsythe: "Great photos in the book and it's very current information."

 Promo Blurb: "Carless Vacations". As high gas prices make the car-free ethos suddenly more alluring, the BC Car-Free get-around guide is attracting more and more attention. Brian Grover, author of BC Car-Free -- Exploring Southwestern British Columbia without a Car, will will make a guest appearance on CBC Almanac Tuesday August 8, 2006. CBC Almanac, hosted by Mark Forsythe, airs weekdays from 12 noon to 2 PM on CBC Radio One.