Wanderung is perfect for those without cars since we encourage using the least amount of vehicles to get your group to the trailhead. Here are some links for the vehicularly challenged:

* BC Car-Free - One of the best books written for trips in the lower mainland regardless of whether or not you have a car. All of the trips in here can be reached without use of a vehicle and "how to" is spelled out in detail. In addition to hiking, this resource included kayak trips and cycle tours amongst other activities. Best of all, this book is freely available online! Simply download your maps and trip guides.

Also from Wanderung Website: BC Car-Free by Brian Glover [sic]

This guidebook aims to fill the gap for those without a vehicle of their own, but has a reputation as being one of the best resources regardless of that. Also including kayak and cycle trips, Glover's [sic] book is must have and, best of all, is freely available online. [NB: Also available in local area book stores.] The budget hiker need only print the maps and guide pages.

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