The great outdoors for those without wheels

"...the first outdoor guidebook for those without wheels..."

By Scott Birke

Sea to Sky VOICE June 8-14, 2001

Southwestern B.C. - Recognizing there are lots of locals and tourists in the region who either don't have a car or don't want one for whatever reason, West Vancouver author Brian Grover has come up with the first outdoor guidebook for those without wheels: BC Car-Free, Exploring Southwestern British Columbia Without a Car.

B.C. Car-Free, Exploring Southwestern British Columbia Without a Car is available for $19.95 at bookstores all over Southwestern B.C. Starting next issue, watch these pages for excerpts from the guidebook which will feature a different trip to the great outdoors every week.

With detailed information on over 90 different outdoor trips ranging from hiking and camping to sea kayaking in whale watching, Grover's 340-page book is a wealth of information for the weekend warrior and outdoor enthusiast alike.

"I've tried to include everything from overnighters to weekenders to some great outings for blowing off a week or two of your summer holidays," says Grover. "Nonetheless, I've taken extra pains to equip relative novices with the knowledge and confidence to safely witnessed some of the marvels of our west coast world. Knowledge is, of course, the best defense against some of the dangers associated with outdoor recreation." The book is organized by activity and includes several articles about things you should know while in the outdoors such as what to do if you encounter a bear, or how to avoid getting blisters from your hiking boots.

For each specific trip, Grover adds a detailed map showing readers the area's facilities such as nearby phones, bus routes, and fishing spots. Where applicable, it also highlights the plant, animal, geological and aboriginal features pertinent to each specific trip or area and also features an appendix on getting to each major location which includes bus and ferry schedules and, in some cases, even prices. Of interest to aspiring photographers, for every photo included in the book, Grover details the camera used as well as the lens, exposure and type of film.

"Lots of urbanites are curious about this thing called the outdoors," says Grover. "I wanted to introduce as many outdoor pursuits as possible so those with an emerging interest in the out-of-doors could try out many things. I also wanted to provide enough depth so that first-timers could get a real sense of what is involved in sea kayaking for example, or backpacking."

Born in Maine, but having grown up both in B.C. and Oregon, Grover has worked in everything from forestry and tourism (as a fishing guide) to communications and newsrooms. After returning from living in France and Japan for a few years he also founded Explore Canada Outdoor Adventures, a marketing body designed to promote B.C.'s "renewable recreation resources" to international visitors.

The author, the Brian Grover, and yes, that is a Whisky Jack on his head.

Photo by Manami Kimura.

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