Inter-city public transportation options have whithered since BC Car-Free was first published in 2001. I would have expected them to grow but with the demise of Greyhound and Pacific Coachlines, routes are now being covered with a patchwork of small, often high-priced operators. This is certainly true of the Hope & Lytton leg. Adventure Charters Inter-City Bus has stepped up to fill the gap. At present they offer service from the Lower Mainland once a day, Tuesdays and Fridays only. Buses depart Scott Road Station at 7 AM, arriving in Hope at 9:05 AM and Lytton at 10:20 and Spences Bridge at 10:50 AM. View  up-to-date schedules or make a reservation their their website.

Use the information below to plan your attack on Scott Road SkyTrain Station.

When BC Car-Free was written, there wasn't a SmartPhone in sight. There were a lot of dumb ones, mostly landlines [how quaint!] and the odd – very odd – handheld "mobile" that looked more like a refrigerator than a phone. Consequently, we included a great deal of information in the original print version that would be redundant, and soon dated, if we tried to repeat that in this redux. For more precise scheduling options any of the following will work.

Translink Website:  In Vancouver, follow the link on PC or mobile to plot the best routing between your current location and your destination. Surprisingly, there isn't an app for that.

Next Bus: Also a service of Translink, Next Bus provides real-time info on that bus that was supposed to have arrived 10 minutes ago. Input the the bus route or bus stop number from the top of the bus marquee for more current schedule information.

Google Maps: Also provides routing and scheduling of transit options just about anywhere in the world on any platform. It works well in BC, less so in exotic overseas locales. Google Maps has the added benefit of allowing you to input start and end coordinates visually when the precise address is unknown.

Transit App: Available for Android or iOS, Transit also has a more or less global reach.

Transit DB: Another popular dedicated app that at present is only available for Android.

The End