New in town? Looking to widen your circle and expand your horizons? Joining an outdoor club could be the answer. Clubs catering to a wide range of interests, abilities and ages exist though tracking down just the right one could be a bit tough on your own. Fortunately organizations exist to keep track of the comings and goings of the various local clubs.

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Licenses are required for fishing in fresh or saltwater, crabbing, or shellfish harvesting. In downtown Vancouver fishing licenses can be purchased at The Bay department-store, sports section (on the corner of Granville and Georgia) or at the Army and Navy department store in the combat zone between Gastown and Chinatown. Outside of the city most sporting goods shops sell licenses. Proceeds go towards management of Canada’s fisheries resources.

The fines for fishing without a license, over-harvesting or disregarding size limits are very hefty and most Canadians support even more egregious enforcement.

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Whether you're just doing your part for the environment or you simply can't afford it, many people are going without the luxury of automobiles.

-- Westworld Magazine